This page focuses on my writing.  Which is to say, my efforts to write various things.  I’ll try to keep updating it as and when.

I like to write lots of different things: books/stories aimed at adults, picture books and books for children, simple TWINE games and – in the past – a webcomic…

Current projects


I am currently editing a novella that I intend to self-publish as an ebook.  It is an odd little tale that is both odd and little enough to have no home in traditional publishing… so off to the digital forum it shall go.  It is called Intergalactic Fly-Fishing, and I hope to finish mucking about with it this summer, or at least before Christmas 2018!

Picture Book

I’m working with an artist to publish a picture book called Scribble Explores the World.  If I get my act together in time, I may make a little TWINE as a fun extra for folks.


I completed my second TWINE a few weeks ago, and am building my third at the moment.


Watch this space for a podcast series about a space archivist.  Oh yeah – I know how to pick the exciting topics.


Previous Work


I made a small comic called All About Carl – which you can now get digitally via the Amazon machine here.

The rest of my efforts in this area are digital and I am re-posting them one story at a time to this site.  You can find them in my blog.


Dogface finds a stick

You can check out my first attempt at a TWINE here: DogFace Finds a Stick

I thought about it a fair bit, then I spent around 30-minutes just having a go with TWINE to see what would happen.  It turns out that a short game, lacking any personalised coding and containing a fair few typos is what happened.  But I still think it’s a sweet little thing and you may enjoy it…

Dogface chases squirrels

I’m quite pleased with the way I’ve played with text to make it more engaging and playful in this game.  I use the term ‘game’ fairly loosely though, because the truth is it’s more of an interactive story exploring the nature of dogs… specifically my dog!