I am runner five #04

Things with New Canton seem to be getting worse.  I’m not really sure how something like this can happen.  How can some of the only surviving humans be at odds?  You’d think that we all have enough to deal with now to stop fighting amongst ourselves…

All of this stuff is just beyond me.  And so, it would seem, is my roleplaying game.

It is not amazing.

Writing one of these things is hard!

Why did I start this? I feel like I have to keep going now – but it’s just… bleh.  All of my non-player characters are bleh.

Here’s an example of something that I actually wrote:

‘You arrive at the foot of the mountain.  There is no way up the mountain, but to your right you see a cave opening.’

The players would have to go into the cave, right?  That’s what I want them to do.  But what a crap way to do it!  If I were playing this game I’d try to climb the chuffing mountain anyway.

I don’t even know what my players are meant to be achieving.  Why did I start this?  Why?

I am runner five #03

The doc and Sam got me to join them for a role-playing game.  The warlock and wizard kind.  Not the sexy kind.  Unless warlocks and wizards are sexy to you…

I was sceptical to start with.  I played the odd videogame before the apocalypse, but I never sat round a table negotiating whether to go down the-foreboding-road-of-certain-treasure or take the-bright-pathway-of-mediocrity. But it was one of the best nights – if only we had beer!  I miss beer.

I think I’m hooked.  Or it could be the lack of entertainment in the last few months.  Bit busy trying to get on with the pesky job of survival and all that.  Anyway, on my next run I’m going to see if I can head to town and grab a couple more games from the geek shop.  Ooh and some beer!

Or maybe I could write one.  I could write one.

It can’t be that hard, right?  I had to make my character… I’m gonna do it!  I am totally gonna do it and it will be amazing.