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Two sides of a coin…

I haven’t posted for a few weeks.

It’s been a difficult time with work and… all that jazz.  The upshot is that I have found myself not quite able to write.

I think that happens for folks – or certainly for me.  It’s not ideal, but if you have to spend all your emotional energy on other stuff then creative things can fall to the wayside.  Not because you want them to.  Not because you aren’t bothered.  You just don’t have any more to give.

I’m making myself write this now.  It’s hard.  Writing when you feel empty inside.  Like searching for water in the desert.


That was cheery.

Despite this I have been plugging away on my picture book, Scribble Explores the World.

It had already been written so I haven’t had to be ‘creative’ as such.  I just needed to get the formatting and layout right.  That might not sound like much, and it isn’t particularly demanding to the creative juices or the brain-machine.  But it is time consuming.

So time consuming.


I received the first proof of my book yesterday.

This was one of those really brilliant moments when you feel like a kid at Christmas.

The proof was good, but I felt it could be a little better, so I made a few little tweaks and then – late last night – I  approved publication.

Just like that.

Now I need to wait for the final checks which shouldn’t take more than a few days.

And then… then my first picture book will be available and – hopefully – just before Christmas!

So if you know any 2-5 year-olds and have room in your budget to get them another little gift (for £6.99), please consider Scribble Explores the World 🙂

Coming soon…

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There’s More to Life Than Boxes: a fable

Van Man


The Van Man is extremely good at what he does.  Extremely good and, since securing the contract with The Overseer, extremely rich.  He transports her boxes all across the land.  His success rests in hers.

She is the only box-maker left and he is the only Van Man that she trusts.  They are old business acquaintances.  Both of them are fond of the odd glass of ale, but Van Man is a professional and only has the one.

Recently he thinks that he has seen a Wolf tracking his van.  He has put this down to lack of sleep and has tried to ignore it, except that he could have sworn a Strange Girl accompanied the Wolf once or twice.

The Van Man is thinking of retiring soon.

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There’s More to Life Than Boxes: a fable

Strange Girl


Strange Girl can hear high-pitched sounds as if she were a bat or a dog or a dolphin… she can hear Robot Boy sighing from miles away and it has been giving her a headache.  She has decided to save Robot Boy, if only to give herself some peace.

Strange Girl often travels around with a Wolf as her companion.  They became friends when seeking relief from the high-pitched sounds they could both hear.  Between them they have come up with a plan to rescue Robot Boy and restore him to his Maker.

She is quite delightful, and her favourite mode of travel is skipping.

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There’s More to Life Than Boxes: a fable

Robot Boy

Robot_BoyRobot Boy has no memory of his life before making boxes.  It is all he has ever known.  And, as far as his memory extends, the only person with whom he has ever had contact is The Overseer.

Lately he has been wondering if there is more to life than boxes.  He has reserved some memory for dreaming but must keep this hidden from The Overseer.  He is locked away every evening where he sighs and dreams of the world outside of the factory.

Robot Boy has no recollection of his ‘Made-Day’, but he estimates himself to be around seven.