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Trying not to stare at the mountain…

Like most of us, I have a pretty busy life.  In fact – I’m writing this during a lunch break because this is the only bit of time I think I’ll get to do so today…

We can all feel overwhelmed sometimes.  So how do we get through it?  How do we keep going?  It’ll be different for everyone, but here’s my two-pennies worth…

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On Inspiration

How do you approach writing?

Are you hesitating so much that you’re not connecting the pen with the page at all?  Are you throwing a lot of judgement at those first attempts?

Do you wait for inspiration? Or do you chip away at it?

Give yourself a break.  This should be fun.  Just go ahead and have a go.  Try that exercise I suggest in the video – write for five-minutes non-stop every day.  You never have to share what you write (unless you want to).  Think of it as a warm up.  After a while you’ll find that you have lots of ideas.

Let me know what you think and how you get on in the comments.