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Yesterday was free-comic-book-day. Behold my spoils:


You can find out more about this hallowed tradition here.  But suffice it to say: you turn up to comic shops where you find piles of free comics, you walk around and amass your stack. You go to the counter, they give you a bag, you walk away with lots of free comics. It is awesome. People dress up for free-comic-book-day, and there are mighty (good natured) queues to get into the shops.

It’s a great way to read something new, and more and more families seem to go each year. Which brings me to why this free-comic-book-day was different to previous years.

I have a daughter now.

She’s 11-months old – for anyone not familiar with kids, this means she still needs to be carried most places, even though she’d rather I put her down so she could crawl instead. She only says three words: da da, mama and Sky (that’s our dog). She seems to understand a lot, but largely expresses herself with beauteous smiles and great scowls of dissatisfaction.

I didn’t think I’d be able to go this year because the day was also full of other commitments, and there’s the need to try and get the baby to nap. Hanging out with a baby that has not napped, is like hanging out with a mogwai after midnight and sharing your snack with it.

Despite all of this, though, and with my husband practically shoving me out of the house. I took my daughter, who had not napped, caught a train to Leeds, and went to free-comic-book-day. It wasn’t exactly easy, but it wasn’t terrible. Given I had a cocooning mogwai/gremlin with me it all went pretty well. I even got to meet up with a friend and have a beer. Yep. Crazy.

The thing that’s really glorious though, is that:

A) I’m getting my kid started with comics early
B) having a kid is not stopping me from doing the things I love
C) comics!

So hurray for free-comic-book-day, hurray for husbands that make you go despite your protestations, and hurray for daughters/mogwai-gremlins. Also – hurray for friends that will still meet up with you, even if you have your child with you!

Also – look at all the comics I got:



I know I’ve included this picture already but look… LOOK:


Mmmmm… Comics…