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There’s More to Life than Boxes: a fable

The Maker


The Maker reached the pinnacle of his career seven years ago when he created Robot Boy.  To celebrate he hit the town and ended up playing a game of chance with The Overseer.  He was doing well and, in a moment that he has regretted every day since, he bet Robot Boy.

The Maker was sure that he would win.  He did not. The Overseer did.

The Maker and his business has suffered ever since; he misses Robot Boy so much, every evening he weeps.

The Maker is friends with a Wolf, whom he has not seen for some time.

He hopes that one day he will be reunited with Robot Boy and on that day he will rejoice.

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There’s More to Life Than Boxes: a fable

The Wolf


The Wolf has known Robot Boy’s Maker all of his life.  They are old friends.  Wolf told the Maker that he should stop playing games of chance.  Unfortunately, the Maker did not listen until he lost Robot Boy to The Overseer.

The Wolf has been looking for Robot Boy ever since.  He recently teamed up with a Strange Girl, who can also hear Robot Boy’s high-pitched sighing.  They have been following the Van Man, and believe they know where Robot Boy is being held.  They plan to rescue him and return him to the Maker, thus giving them the peace and quiet that they desire.

Above all things, the Wolf dislikes fleas – but high-pitched sounds are a close second.

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There’s More to Life Than Boxes: a fable

Strange Girl


Strange Girl can hear high-pitched sounds as if she were a bat or a dog or a dolphin… she can hear Robot Boy sighing from miles away and it has been giving her a headache.  She has decided to save Robot Boy, if only to give herself some peace.

Strange Girl often travels around with a Wolf as her companion.  They became friends when seeking relief from the high-pitched sounds they could both hear.  Between them they have come up with a plan to rescue Robot Boy and restore him to his Maker.

She is quite delightful, and her favourite mode of travel is skipping.

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There’s More to Life Than Boxes: a fable

The Overseer


The Overseer owns the factory where Robot Boy makes his boxes every day all day, and again the next. The Overseer has become rich by producing high quality boxes at low, low prices.  She won Robot Boy from his Maker in a game of chance.  It was the best game she ever played.  She stores all of her wealth (gold and jewels) in a spare warehouse and, every night after locking Robot Boy away, she counts her wealth.

Although her vast success and heaps of gold give her pleasure, she can’t help but feel unsatisfied.  Every evening she toasts her success with the Van Man; he is the only other person she ever sees.  She has not left the factory grounds since winning Robot Boy seven years ago.

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There’s More to Life Than Boxes: a fable

Robot Boy

Robot_BoyRobot Boy has no memory of his life before making boxes.  It is all he has ever known.  And, as far as his memory extends, the only person with whom he has ever had contact is The Overseer.

Lately he has been wondering if there is more to life than boxes.  He has reserved some memory for dreaming but must keep this hidden from The Overseer.  He is locked away every evening where he sighs and dreams of the world outside of the factory.

Robot Boy has no recollection of his ‘Made-Day’, but he estimates himself to be around seven.

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I am runner five #13

I did it.

Well… I made it to the kennel.

No dogs though.  I didn’t expect to find any in the kennel.  Just thought they might have hung around the area.

I did get some supplies though – dog whistle, food, a lead… that kind of thing.

I’m gonna start taking the whistle out with me.  Maybe a dog will come running if I keep whistling.  We’ll see.

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I am runner five #11

Sooo…. My back has not been too good.  On the plus side this led to another week of relaxing… in so far as anyone can relax these days…

And Sam insisted that I needed to hone my role-playing skills in that D&D-style game of his and the doc’s.  LOTS of hours have been spent on that… which reminds me that I was going to make one. Still stuck on that.

Anyway, I’ve been back to running this week and my search for a dog has commenced!

I’m just keeping my eye out. I guess any dogs out there are surviving by not being found.  Managed to grab a pack of dog biscuits on my last run so at least I’ll have something to tempt a possible pooch with.

Only Sam knows my plan. He said he’s gonna try to send me on routes where dogs have been sighted.  I feel like a kid the night before Christmas.  I really want a dog.  Fingers crossed.