Links to cool stuff

I love Zombies, Run!  It got me running.  More than that, it got me enjoying running.  You play a story mission for each run, so if you want to know what will happen next you need to keep with it.  It’s extremely well designed and beautifully written.  And if you don’t currently run, but would like to, you can start with their couch to 5k version.  I know – I should be on commission right?

One of the reasons I’m including this link here is because I love it, and because I’ve started a fictional diary as Runner 5, which I’m posting to my blog every now and again…

Naomi Alderman wrote ‘Zombies, Run!’  She is brilliant in every way.

I’ve been following Andy for a few years now, and I think he gives some really good advice and guidance to parents about gaming and their kids… worth a look if you think you could use some guidance…

This is a fun and often insightful blog written, mostly, about Doctor Who.  Read it and be enlightened.

This is a blog written by many women about films.  It is good.

A short TWINE game about a dog finding a stick. I made it in a hurry, but I still think it’s fun and I thought you might think so too.

Jeffrey Brown’s website.  You should look at it.