Episode Transcripts

The series transcripts are a work in progress. You’ll currently find that more episodes from season two have been transcribed. The writing process for ‘Diary…’ is a little unusual, which means that I don’t have a typed script as such… so I am working my way through the episodes whenever I can. Thank you for your patience.

Series one

Episode One: Keeping a Diary

Episode Two: The Puckmaren

Episode Three: Kill Bot, Stand Down

Episode Four: The Postbox

Episode Five: The Discoverer

Episode Six: I Thought We Were Friends…

Series two

Bonus episode: The Origins of CAL

Episode One: Lost

Episode Two: Sam Rules, OK

Episode Three: Et Tu, Puck?

Episode Four: Trials and Tribulations

Christmas Special: Christmas Slipped By

Episode Five: The Trial

Episode Six: Everything Will Be Fine