Behind the Scenes

I love writing. Love it. You know, when I’m not actively seeking to avoid it by: washing up, cleaning the house, walking the dog, building something, washing up some more, emptying and re-stacking the dishwasher, dusting, hoovering, tidying up some more… you know, all that classic writer-prevarication stuff…

I do love it though. That’s true. But writing’s weird. It must be done. You cannot ignore it for long. And yet – it must be avoided at all costs!

And then there’s this series. This wonderful little oasis. I really do love writing Diary… perhaps more than anything.

I believe in writing in the way, and in whichever form, best suits the thing you’re trying to make. In this case, it means mind-mapping, add-libbing, note-taking and then going for broke…

Here’s a video what I made about this very thing:

See that look? It is the look of the crazed writer. The writer what tries not to appear too ‘quirky’, but then fails.

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