Diary of a Space Archivist

Sam archives space. Yep. It’s pretty boring… until she finds an alien-bat-thing hiding inside her robot companion. How will she keep the cute, and definitely not mildly terrifying, creature safe from the corporation that employs her? After all, she’s just an archivist. Don’t worry, everything will be fine…

Diary of a Space Archivist is a sci-fi comedy audio-drama, with episodes between 5-12 minutes long. If you enjoyed The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Red Dwarf, or Serenity / Firefly – you may enjoy Diary of a Space Archivist too.

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Diary of a Space Archivist © Rebecca Stirrup 2020, All Rights Reserved

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Written and acted by Beccy Stirrup

Music by Six Umbrellas

Sound effects from:

8 thoughts on “Diary of a Space Archivist

  1. I’m not quite sure how it came to be that I stumbled on this delightful podcast. The writing is querky (geeky) and fun to listen to. I am so looking forward to listening to season two.


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