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Happy 2019

Happy New Year folks!

I’m not one for resolutions as such… but I do like to reflect a bit on the year gone by. And it’s been a year alright.

Started blogging regularly. Well. Mostly regularly.

    • Made a few text-adventure games
      Finally built my Lego Millennium Falcon:
  • So… for 2019?

    • The second season of Diary of a Space Archivist
    • The next picture book, and maybe another after that
    • Another novel…

    That’s probably enough to be going on with…

    Here’s hoping.

    Here’s to you all. Here’s to 2019.

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    Scribble Explores The World: a Christmas treat amongst the chaos

    How was your morning?

    Mine was pretty hectic.

    It began with me trying to sew a Santa hat to one of my daughter’s jumpers, because it’s Christmas jumper day at school and we didn’t have time to buy her one.

    I had to sew.  In the morning. Chugging breakfast and sewing, whilst reminding my daughter to stay on target and eat her breakfast too…

    I hate sewing.

    Ask me to build a window seat and I’m your woman.  But ask me to sew… and it is pure hell.

    I had to start over three times.  Three times.  It was probably one of the simplest sewing tasks in the world… It took me three goes.

    Anyway, eventually I wrestled the newly minted Christmas jumper into submission. Then I grabbed all the presents for the teachers and bagged them appropriately.  Helped my daughter to dress (she’s three and still needs some help with this and other important things like brushing teeth). Got the dog in the car (to take her to the vet), took child-face to school. Gave the teachers their gifts.  Took my dog for a quick walk.  Got a call from husband-face.  Had to go home to get something husband-face needed and meet him with said thing. Then rush off to the vet.  Got to the vet ten-minutes late.

    Finally – I am home and writing this.

    That’s this time of year – sudden bursts of mania and a bonkers to-do-list.

    So, if you also have toddlers and you find yourself desperate for 5-minutes of calm amidst it all… please take advantage of this little Christmas gift from me to you!

    Scribble Explores the World is available to buy via Amazon.

    If you’ve enjoyed it – please remember leave a review on amazon 🙂

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    Scribble Explores The World is here!

    And just in time for Christmas!

    I’ve done it.  My lovely new picture-book, Scribble Explores The World, is finished, published and available to buy!

    I sit here now, writing this, in an odd state of shock and joy.

    I have loved writing and re-writing this story.  I’ve loved woking with the remarkably talented illustrator, Gillian Marriott.  I’ve even loved formatting the thing about eight times till I got it right!  Well… maybe I didn’t love that bit…

    But the upshot is that here, at last, is something that I am very proud of.  It has been a pleasure to work on it.  And I am humbled by all the folk that have encouraged me, and helped me to get it to this point.

    So… if you know any toddlers that would enjoy a story about exploration, friendship and accepting yourself just the way you are… then why not treat them this Christmas?


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    Two sides of a coin…

    I haven’t posted for a few weeks.

    It’s been a difficult time with work and… all that jazz.  The upshot is that I have found myself not quite able to write.

    I think that happens for folks – or certainly for me.  It’s not ideal, but if you have to spend all your emotional energy on other stuff then creative things can fall to the wayside.  Not because you want them to.  Not because you aren’t bothered.  You just don’t have any more to give.

    I’m making myself write this now.  It’s hard.  Writing when you feel empty inside.  Like searching for water in the desert.


    That was cheery.

    Despite this I have been plugging away on my picture book, Scribble Explores the World.

    It had already been written so I haven’t had to be ‘creative’ as such.  I just needed to get the formatting and layout right.  That might not sound like much, and it isn’t particularly demanding to the creative juices or the brain-machine.  But it is time consuming.

    So time consuming.


    I received the first proof of my book yesterday.

    This was one of those really brilliant moments when you feel like a kid at Christmas.

    The proof was good, but I felt it could be a little better, so I made a few little tweaks and then – late last night – I  approved publication.

    Just like that.

    Now I need to wait for the final checks which shouldn’t take more than a few days.

    And then… then my first picture book will be available and – hopefully – just before Christmas!

    So if you know any 2-5 year-olds and have room in your budget to get them another little gift (for £6.99), please consider Scribble Explores the World 🙂

    Coming soon…