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The Wattpad Experiment

Not long before Christmas, I learnt about Wattpad.  Granted, I’m pretty late to the party since Wattpad has been around for well over ten years.  That said, if your reaction is a lot like mine:

‘What now, what pad?’

Then allow me to enlighten you…

Wattpad is a site where writers post their stories – for free – and members read them – for free.

Margaret Atwood wrote a really moving article about it for the Guardian – so if you want to know more I encourage you to head there.

Anyway, the point of this post is to declare that I have decided to make my novel available on Wattpad – at least for a short while.

I am uploading around three chapters a week.  So – if you would like to read my odd little sci-fi novel then come and join the party 🙂

You can find my book here: Intergalactic Fly-Fishing

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Happy 2019

Happy New Year folks!

I’m not one for resolutions as such… but I do like to reflect a bit on the year gone by. And it’s been a year alright.

Started blogging regularly. Well. Mostly regularly.

    • Made a few text-adventure games
      Finally built my Lego Millennium Falcon:
  • So… for 2019?

    • The second season of Diary of a Space Archivist
    • The next picture book, and maybe another after that
    • Another novel…

    That’s probably enough to be going on with…

    Here’s hoping.

    Here’s to you all. Here’s to 2019.

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    Coming soon to a novel near you: Colin



    Place of Origin: Hurcott
    Fighting style: He’s not sure yet
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Office worker (frustrated astronaut)
    Hobby: Surfing the Net, making cups of tea, anything to distract from work
    Likes: Cracking the top off a freshly boiled egg
    Dislikes: Boy racers and their boom boom look at me in my souped up wreck with my amazingly expensive stereo system, I’m a gangster, no really…


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    Coming soon to a novel near you: Malcolm




    Place of Origin: Hurcott
    Fighting style: Rushes to attack and relies on brute strength to carry him through.  It often does
    Age: 30
    Occupation: Works in a newsagent’s
    Hobby: Spending time with friends, playing cards, watching films
    Likes: Jack Daniels – the glug glug when it’s poured, and the crack of ice
    Dislikes: Coke bubbles up his nose, the feeling of going nowhere and turning 30