This page focuses on my writing.  Which is to say, my efforts to write various things.  I’ll try to keep updating it as and when.

I like to write lots of different things: books/stories aimed at adults, picture books and books for children, simple TWINE games and – in the past – a webcomic…


Short Novel



I have published my short novel, Intergalactic Fly-Fishing!  Hurray – hurray I say!

You can purchase it here!

Picture Book

I have worked with an artist to publish a picture book called Scribble Explores the World.  I’m now working on a little TWINE as a fun extra for folks.

The book is available to buy here.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the art:


Lovely isn’t it?


All About Carl-01

I made a small comic called All About Carl – which you can now get digitally via the Amazon machine here.

The rest of my efforts in this area are digital and I am re-posting them one story at a time to this site.  You can find them in my blog.



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