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A Dark Room – elegant game design

A Dark Room began life as a game for web browsers.  You can still play it that way.  You know what?  You should.  Remarkably – it is free to play via your web browser.

I didn’t encounter the game online though.  Someone recommended the app version to me and I bought it.

It cost me £1.99.

I’m playing it for a second time right now.  Trying not to build any huts this time… Once you complete the game some lovely features unlock, including the developers’ commentaries.  These are incredibly beautiful insights to what is an incredibly beautiful game.

All of this for £1.99.


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I am runner five #12

I haven’t written in ‘the forbidden notebook’ (imagine a big, movie intro-voice or something) for a couple of weeks.  Been busy searching for a dog.  And, drum roll please… I think I’ve narrowed down the search!

Sam’s helped me locate an old kennel about 10k from here.  So… I’ve been working on my stamina to get up to longer distances.  If I’m going to find a dog, the chances are that a few might have escaped round there.  I need to be able to get there and back… possibly, hopefully with a pooch.

That’s the plan anyway.

I guess, if I don’t write another entry you’ll know what happened to me.


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Trying not to stare at the mountain…

Like most of us, I have a pretty busy life.  In fact – I’m writing this during a lunch break because this is the only bit of time I think I’ll get to do so today…

We can all feel overwhelmed sometimes.  So how do we get through it?  How do we keep going?  It’ll be different for everyone, but here’s my two-pennies worth…

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On Inspiration

How do you approach writing?

Are you hesitating so much that you’re not connecting the pen with the page at all?  Are you throwing a lot of judgement at those first attempts?

Do you wait for inspiration? Or do you chip away at it?

Give yourself a break.  This should be fun.  Just go ahead and have a go.  Try that exercise I suggest in the video – write for five-minutes non-stop every day.  You never have to share what you write (unless you want to).  Think of it as a warm up.  After a while you’ll find that you have lots of ideas.

Let me know what you think and how you get on in the comments.

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On the making of Diary of a Space Archivist

This is the first week that I haven’t published a new episode of Diary of a Space Archivist.

Feels weird.

Season two will be made asap!

In the meantime, though, I recorded myself making an episode a while back and have edited the footage to make a little video exploring my process and that…

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I am runner five #11

Sooo…. My back has not been too good.  On the plus side this led to another week of relaxing… in so far as anyone can relax these days…

And Sam insisted that I needed to hone my role-playing skills in that D&D-style game of his and the doc’s.  LOTS of hours have been spent on that… which reminds me that I was going to make one. Still stuck on that.

Anyway, I’ve been back to running this week and my search for a dog has commenced!

I’m just keeping my eye out. I guess any dogs out there are surviving by not being found.  Managed to grab a pack of dog biscuits on my last run so at least I’ll have something to tempt a possible pooch with.

Only Sam knows my plan. He said he’s gonna try to send me on routes where dogs have been sighted.  I feel like a kid the night before Christmas.  I really want a dog.  Fingers crossed.