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Diary of a Space Archivist: season two trailer

This trailer has been made especially for google app listeners. Unfortunately when I moved my show across to a new service, google app folk were adversely affected. This was unintended and, until recently, I had no idea!

I hope you’ll continue Sam’s inept journey through space with me by subscribing to the new feed!

New Feed

New Website

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Change of web-location and RSS feed

Hello wonderful listeners!

I’ve recently moved Diary of a Space Archivist over to a new podcast host,

This is proving to be a brilliant move for the show – but there is a snag.

I didn’t realise, until two-days ago, that anyone that has accessed my show via a google app such as Podcast Addict, isn’t getting the new feed automatically. In other words – you guys haven’t heard the season two episodes yet!

I can only say how sorry I am that I hadn’t cottoned onto this sooner. You are incredibly important to me and, if you have enjoyed my show and would like to keep on listening, there just two ways that you can get hold of the new feed!

Number One: subscribe to the new feed through a search

  1. Open the google app that you use to listen to my show (this example is using Podcast Addict)
  2. Search for diary of a space archivist in app (not in your library but in the whole app)
  3. You may need to type the whole title and click search, rather than selecting the first thing that comes up as you type – since this is likely to be the old feed that you’ve already got in your library
  4. Subscribe to the version with more episodes – this is the new feed
  5. Unsubscribe from the old one
  6. Celebrate by listening to the new episodes!

Number Two: manually input the new RSS feed

  1. Open the google app that you use to listen to my show (most likely this will be Podcast Addict)
  2. Click on Diary of a Space Archivist (it may be re-titled Diary of a Space Archivist: OLD FEED when you see it)
  3. Click on the little cog button in the bottom right of the banner image
  4. This should take you to a list of stuff you can do, including ‘Edit podcast URL’
  5. The old feed is: ‘’ – highlight this and change it to the new feed which is:
  6. Celebrate by listening to the new episodes!
How to make sure you don’t miss out on the new episodes, by subscribing to Diary’s… new feed!
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Three reasons to love podcasting

There are so many reasons to love pod fiction – both from the perspective of making it and of listening to it. I could write a LOT about it, but instead I’m going to take you on a whistle-stop tour around three of my top reasons.

1. The community:

I’m a big fan of communities. When you give people a chance, they are pretty much brilliant. But there are spaces that cater more towards the dark side of human nature. I think social media is very often one of those spaces. There’s quite a bit of research about this, but I’m going to distil it into two distinct issues:

  • The anonymous element increases the bystander effect;
  • The shortened/limited form of communication lends itself to polarised arguments.

I tend to avoid arguments on the Internet because of these two things… But let me get back to why podcasting is so blooming wonderful. In a world where app-based-conversation is often pretty awful, the podcasting community stands out as being lovely. Really, really lovely. People are encouraging and kind in this space. Everyone is welcome and no one is dismissed from discussion. It is genuinely uplifting to be part of this community – both as a listener and a maker.

2. The relative ease with which one can join in:

I started making my podcast (Diary of a Space Archivist) because I wanted to show some of my students how they could make audio content. So my whole approach was about keeping any expense to the minimum.

I have a laptop, audacity and an inexpensive mic. Ok… a cheap mic. This may be obvious if you listen to my show, but I hope you don’t care too much about that because I’m turning out, what I think, is pretty decent content.

Incidentally, I have launched a Patreon site to try and begin putting some cash into the show – but that’s not the point, the point is it’s relatively easy for lots of folk to become part of the pod fiction story.

3. The range of amazing shows:

There are so many great shows out there. They are, largely, available to listen to for free. They are well made, well written and they are more diverse than anything you’ll find on the radio. There really is something for everyone in pod fiction – or there will be soon! If you don’t already listen, I encourage you to take a little dip. I promise you – you won’t regret it.

Closing thoughts on listening to audio fiction…

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Welcome to the Geekygirl update!

Geekygirl is changing. This is ok I suppose – though none of us really like change. Change is effort. And who likes effort? That’s why Netflix works – we don’t have to do anything to change what’s happening, we can remain inert and the next episode of our latest binge-watch will just… play.

But here it is. Change. Staring right at me and, therefore, right at you too.

Not fair is it?

Ah well.

Game of Thrones is over and Geekygirl has been re-vamped. Now it’s Geekygirl Productions – and reading past bedtime, whilst still badass, is no longer the tagline.

Much like winter, this change has been coming.

I’ve changed. What I need this site for, what I do, how I make things… it’s all changed. And so – here it is – Geekygirl Productions. A one-stop-shop for my podcasts and books and stuff.

I hope you continue to enjoy it…

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When you forget to do something that you really should have done… that.

I make a podcast.

That’s right. You heard me. Well, technically you didn’t hear me unless you’re using a screen reader… so, you read me/heard my text via a screen reader.

I am brilliant at this!

Anyway – back to it.

I make a podcast. It’s called Diary of a Space Archivist and I rather like it. You can listen to it here or via whichever pod-catcher you like including iTunes and, I used to believe, Spotify.

Except it turn out that I never submitted it to Spotify. I thought I had. But I hadn’t.

Think of the lost opportunities.

Think of the data that could have been gathered over the past 8 or so months!


So yeah. I’ve submitted it now. You might even be able to find it there now. I’m gonna go find a tiny violin to play for my woes…

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The Wattpad Experiment

Not long before Christmas, I learnt about Wattpad.  Granted, I’m pretty late to the party since Wattpad has been around for well over ten years.  That said, if your reaction is a lot like mine:

‘What now, what pad?’

Then allow me to enlighten you…

Wattpad is a site where writers post their stories – for free – and members read them – for free.

Margaret Atwood wrote a really moving article about it for the Guardian – so if you want to know more I encourage you to head there.

Anyway, the point of this post is to declare that I have decided to make my novel available on Wattpad – at least for a short while.

I am uploading around three chapters a week.  So – if you would like to read my odd little sci-fi novel then come and join the party 🙂

You can find my book here: Intergalactic Fly-Fishing

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Happy 2019

Happy New Year folks!

I’m not one for resolutions as such… but I do like to reflect a bit on the year gone by. And it’s been a year alright.

Started blogging regularly. Well. Mostly regularly.

    • Made a few text-adventure games
      Finally built my Lego Millennium Falcon:
  • So… for 2019?

    • The second season of Diary of a Space Archivist
    • The next picture book, and maybe another after that
    • Another novel…

    That’s probably enough to be going on with…

    Here’s hoping.

    Here’s to you all. Here’s to 2019.