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Change of web-location and RSS feed

Hello wonderful listeners!

I’ve recently moved Diary of a Space Archivist over to a new podcast host,

This is proving to be a brilliant move for the show – but there is a snag.

I didn’t realise, until two-days ago, that anyone that has accessed my show via a google app such as Podcast Addict, isn’t getting the new feed automatically. In other words – you guys haven’t heard the season two episodes yet!

I can only say how sorry I am that I hadn’t cottoned onto this sooner. You are incredibly important to me and, if you have enjoyed my show and would like to keep on listening, there just two ways that you can get hold of the new feed!

Number One: subscribe to the new feed through a search

  1. Open the google app that you use to listen to my show (this example is using Podcast Addict)
  2. Search for diary of a space archivist in app (not in your library but in the whole app)
  3. You may need to type the whole title and click search, rather than selecting the first thing that comes up as you type – since this is likely to be the old feed that you’ve already got in your library
  4. Subscribe to the version with more episodes – this is the new feed
  5. Unsubscribe from the old one
  6. Celebrate by listening to the new episodes!

Number Two: manually input the new RSS feed

  1. Open the google app that you use to listen to my show (most likely this will be Podcast Addict)
  2. Click on Diary of a Space Archivist (it may be re-titled Diary of a Space Archivist: OLD FEED when you see it)
  3. Click on the little cog button in the bottom right of the banner image
  4. This should take you to a list of stuff you can do, including ‘Edit podcast URL’
  5. The old feed is: ‘’ – highlight this and change it to the new feed which is:
  6. Celebrate by listening to the new episodes!
How to make sure you don’t miss out on the new episodes, by subscribing to Diary’s… new feed!


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