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Three reasons to love podcasting

There are so many reasons to love pod fiction – both from the perspective of making it and of listening to it. I could write a LOT about it, but instead I’m going to take you on a whistle-stop tour around three of my top reasons.

1. The community:

I’m a big fan of communities. When you give people a chance, they are pretty much brilliant. But there are spaces that cater more towards the dark side of human nature. I think social media is very often one of those spaces. There’s quite a bit of research about this, but I’m going to distil it into two distinct issues:

  • The anonymous element increases the bystander effect;
  • The shortened/limited form of communication lends itself to polarised arguments.

I tend to avoid arguments on the Internet because of these two things… But let me get back to why podcasting is so blooming wonderful. In a world where app-based-conversation is often pretty awful, the podcasting community stands out as being lovely. Really, really lovely. People are encouraging and kind in this space. Everyone is welcome and no one is dismissed from discussion. It is genuinely uplifting to be part of this community – both as a listener and a maker.

2. The relative ease with which one can join in:

I started making my podcast (Diary of a Space Archivist) because I wanted to show some of my students how they could make audio content. So my whole approach was about keeping any expense to the minimum.

I have a laptop, audacity and an inexpensive mic. Ok… a cheap mic. This may be obvious if you listen to my show, but I hope you don’t care too much about that because I’m turning out, what I think, is pretty decent content.

Incidentally, I have launched a Patreon site to try and begin putting some cash into the show – but that’s not the point, the point is it’s relatively easy for lots of folk to become part of the pod fiction story.

3. The range of amazing shows:

There are so many great shows out there. They are, largely, available to listen to for free. They are well made, well written and they are more diverse than anything you’ll find on the radio. There really is something for everyone in pod fiction – or there will be soon! If you don’t already listen, I encourage you to take a little dip. I promise you – you won’t regret it.

Closing thoughts on listening to audio fiction…


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