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When you forget to do something that you really should have done… that.

I make a podcast.

That’s right. You heard me. Well, technically you didn’t hear me unless you’re using a screen reader… so, you read me/heard my text via a screen reader.

I am brilliant at this!

Anyway – back to it.

I make a podcast. It’s called Diary of a Space Archivist and I rather like it. You can listen to it here or via whichever pod-catcher you like including iTunes and, I used to believe, Spotify.

Except it turn out that I never submitted it to Spotify. I thought I had. But I hadn’t.

Think of the lost opportunities.

Think of the data that could have been gathered over the past 8 or so months!


So yeah. I’ve submitted it now. You might even be able to find it there now. I’m gonna go find a tiny violin to play for my woes…


I'm, a storyteller, podcaster and game-maker.

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