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There’s More to Life than Boxes: a fable

The Artist



The Artist is well known for her skill and could probably charge top prices for her work; but she is more concerned that people simply enjoy her paintings. She often trades them for food or a place to stay, and never wants for anything.  She was thrilled to meet Horsewoman; travelling alone can be dull.

The Artist takes each day as it comes and is happy to wander off and help others when she can.  One day she would like to open a gallery where anyone and everyone can come and enjoy art and one another.


I can't believe I'm admitting this after years of disproving so-called 'sightings'. But the fae are real. They're real and they're here and they're going to banish humanity from the planet! Unless we can show them that we will care for the planet... please, help me save the world:

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