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There’s More to Life Than Boxes: a fable

The Wolf


The Wolf has known Robot Boy’s Maker all of his life.  They are old friends.  Wolf told the Maker that he should stop playing games of chance.  Unfortunately, the Maker did not listen until he lost Robot Boy to The Overseer.

The Wolf has been looking for Robot Boy ever since.  He recently teamed up with a Strange Girl, who can also hear Robot Boy’s high-pitched sighing.  They have been following the Van Man, and believe they know where Robot Boy is being held.  They plan to rescue him and return him to the Maker, thus giving them the peace and quiet that they desire.

Above all things, the Wolf dislikes fleas – but high-pitched sounds are a close second.


I can't believe I'm admitting this after years of disproving so-called 'sightings'. But the fae are real. They're real and they're here and they're going to banish humanity from the planet! Unless we can show them that we will care for the planet... please, help me save the world:

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