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On the making of Diary of a Space Archivist

This is the first week that I haven’t published a new episode of Diary of a Space Archivist.

Feels weird.

Season two will be made asap!

In the meantime, though, I recorded myself making an episode a while back and have edited the footage to make a little video exploring my process and that…

If you have enjoyed the mini-series, then please do consider hopping over to iTunes, Podchaser, PlayerFM (and any other sites that this series is popping up within that I don’t yet know of), and leave a review…

If you want to go a step further than that, and would like to support me as an artist, then have a gander at my short novel, Intergalactic Fly-Fishing, and consider buying it.  It is very cheap!

Have a gander here

Likewise – reviews are very much appreciated!  This one was particularly lovely!


Keep on checking this site for updates on Diary of a Space Archivist.  The second season will be out as soon as I can make it!

And – as always – thanks for listening.  You make my day!


I'm, a storyteller, podcaster and game-maker.

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