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I am runner five #10

I had last week off. I think the folk here decided I needed one, what with the attempted murder and all…

Honestly – I’m not feeling great.  I try to ‘keep my chin up’, and then I start ruminating over where on earth phrases like that came from.

Then I think about how, whoever said these things, never encountered the shambling dead… so their stupid clichés can’t possibly be helpful to me right now.

Wow – just read that last paragraph back.  You get the idea – I am not in a good place.

So, I have decided.

I am going to find a dog and bring it back to Abel Township with me.  Yep.  I am getting a dog.

No one can stop me. Not even Janine!


I can't believe I'm admitting this after years of disproving so-called 'sightings'. But the fae are real. They're real and they're here and they're going to banish humanity from the planet! Unless we can show them that we will care for the planet... please, help me save the world:

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