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Introducing… Diary of a Space Archivist

I’ve been working on something new.

Something that I hope you will like, and want to share with other people.

Ahem *insert drum roll*…

Presenting my new podcast series: ‘Diary of a Space Archivist’ *insert echoey voice*



A podcast that, rather surprisingly, doesn’t involve much archiving…

You can listen to it here, and at the bottom of this post.

I am waiting for approval from iTunes and Spotify where I hope to make it available for ease of access, and I’m working on making it available via Alexa…

This is a short series full of short episodes about the hijinks of a lonely space archivist called Sam…

Sam wanted to be at the forefront of space exploration.  Ideally on the crew of The Discoverer.

Instead Sam’s stuck on her own in a beaten-up-junk-ship, trailing around space behind The Discoverer, archiving all of their cool discoveries in the correct, ‘corporate-approved-process’, with no one but CAL (Computerised Artificial Life), for company.

It could be worse – at least she’s in space – and she’s got a box of curly wurlys under her bunk.

Why a podcast and why space archiving?

I’m glad you asked!

I had the idea for a story about a space archivist about eight years ago.  Originally I had planned to turn it into a regular comic strip, but I just never got round to it.  Life and *my tendency to sit on my own creative stuff got in the way.

The idea didn’t go away though, and when an opportunity presented itself to learn more about making podcasts, I decided to use my space archivist idea to explore the medium.  If I’m honest, I think this works much better than the comic strip I’d initially intended – and I’m having a lot of fun making it!

Each episode might be mega-short, but making them isn’t half time consuming!  Really glad that it suits being short because there’s no way I’d be able to pull this off if my episodes were around the 20-minute-plus mark.

The plan is to release weekly episodes for a short series of around 6 episodes in total.  This will take me to the beginning of teaching at uni, when what time I have will disappear into the vortex-of-no-one-knows-where…

I hope to make and release the second series sometime in the new year (2019) – but it will depend entirely on the time at my disposal, and how well the first series does.  So if you enjoy listening and you want to find out what happens next – encourage me to get on with it by sharing the series with as many people as you can.

I also recorded some footage for what I’m referring to as an ** ‘insight video’ about making an episode.

When I get the chance I’ll edit it into something coherent and post it here to pontificate some more on the making process…

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening and – if you’re of a mind to – thanks for sharing.

*my tendency to sit on my own creative stuff – I have worked on a fair number of things for a fair number of years but never really pushed most of it.  There are a number of reasons for this.  I have been and am genuinely very busy with work and life.  My job is time-consuming and really quite involving.  Life is… life… I am working on a PhD and I have a small child.  The number of hours available to me have shrunk to some minutes here and there.

Those are, I think, pretty good reasons to put off something that has always felt fairly self-indulgent.  But there’s another reason.  The one behind the other reasons which are really just excuses.  The real reason… The fear of rejection.

What if my writing just isn’t strong enough?  What if I’m just not good enough?  What happens if I can’t catch hold of this dream?

If I never really try then I’ll never really fail…

And, frankly, this little voice has been holding me back.  So, recently I have decided something.  And the something is this: screw that.

And so I bid adieu to putting it off.  Here is a podcast.  Boom.

Soon – a short novel! Boom. After that… a picture book – boom! Not forgetting a bunch of TWINEs – boomity boom-time.  And that, as they say, is that.

**insight video – I thought that some folk may be interested in the making of things, so I’m toying with this idea of releasing the odd insight video.  This will always be a look at the making process – well – my making process… we’ll see whether folks like the podcast one.  If so, there will be more…



Featured image by: spiesteleviv


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