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Growing Pains: The great, Great Dane

Several years ago I was a freelance writer and tutor, I worked with other writers to help them achieve their goals, and I wrote the odd webcomic under the umbrella title ‘Growing Pains’.  This was all hosted on a website called inkthinks, which I allowed to fade away when I went into full-time employment.

In retrospect, perhaps this was a mistake.  And, to some extent, geekygirl is an attempt to rectify that.  So, I have decided that from time to time I will re-post my old Growing Pains stories here.  Who knows, I may even make a few new ones.

Growing Pains features a few recollections of awkward or important-to-me-moments from my life.  The first little comic was called ‘The great, Great Dane’.  Enjoy…

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6

page 7

page 8

page 9

page 10

page 11

page 12




I can't believe I'm admitting this after years of disproving so-called 'sightings'. But the fae are real. They're real and they're here and they're going to banish humanity from the planet! Unless we can show them that we will care for the planet... please, help me save the world:

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