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I am runner five #01

I’ve been at Abel Township for months now.  An official runner for the past few weeks.

Just got back from a supply mission.  That’s when I found this.  I should really hand it in, but I don’t think anyone will begrudge me a notebook and a pen… Well, maybe Janine…

When I first arrived here I wasn’t exactly a ‘runner’.  I mean, the helicopter was shot down and I had to run here to survive.  It was that or, well, you know… get ripped apart by zombies.  Then become a zombie.  Then rip someone else apart to really solidify my place in the undead crowd.  Who can deal with that kind of pressure?  So yeah – I ran my ass off, and when I got here they raised the gate, let me in, and told me I’d be training with the doc to become a runner.

There it is.

Sometimes miss the doc’s voice on the radio.  I don’t miss her telling me to skip for a bit because, ‘It will really increase your strength and speed.’

Still got Sam though.  Gotta love Sam.

And now I have this book.  So.  Yeah.

I’m not much of a talker.  But I think that writing in here from time to time.  Well… it just might help a bit.



I'm, a storyteller, podcaster and game-maker.

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