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Narrative Arcs and that…

Here is a video I recorded AGES ago, and finally edited some time ago to, at last, appear here.  Now that some more time has passed I am finally getting round to it.  ‘Cause you know, why do anything in a timely fashion if you can wait until it’s no longer relevant and no one will much care…

I appear to say ‘so’ at the beginning of every sentence.  I dislike this.


I can't believe I'm admitting this after years of disproving so-called 'sightings'. But the fae are real. They're real and they're here and they're going to banish humanity from the planet! Unless we can show them that we will care for the planet... please, help me save the world:

One thought on “Narrative Arcs and that…

  1. I love Beccy videos – more please!!!!! And can everyone have a moment where you invert the camera then realise then it cuts to a new scene…loved it. ❤️❤️


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